“I called A 5Star Plumbing because our emergency shutoff valve in the master bathroom needed to be replaced; we also had a few other problems with our kitchen sink (we have an older house) so we asked for an estimate to get those repaired as well. The estimate was lower than we expected, so we got everything done at once. Robert and Mike (I think those were their names) were VERY neat, knowledgeable, and quick. We were extremely impressed with their work and would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs plumbing repair.”
– Melissa Peloquin
“I am so impressed with this company. They arrived within 24 hours of our call, were very professional, and corrected our problem for free, all because it was still under warranty! I didn’t even realize that would apply! I am recommending this service to anyone in the Youngsville/Broussard area. They are great and provide a terrific service, and the customer service can’t be beat.”
– Jennifer Roques
“We got Mike less than 24 hours after calling, for a non-emergency–really fast for this area. He found the problem and was straightforward about how it probably had happened. As a result we were able to get the party at fault to fix it for free, so all we had to pay A 5-Star for was digging the hole. We paid a very reasonable price, and Mike left us in as good shape as he could. Everyone we dealt with was pleasant and professional.”
  – B. Brown
“After failing a ‘do it yourself’ project of replacing my tub, I called A 5 Star Plumber and Robert came out to take over. I didn’t have the proper tools or materials and had already spent hours trying to do what took Robert a short time to finish. We were actually updating the entire bathroom and everything was going pretty well until we had to put the new tub in.”
  – Brandon Daigle
“We called A 5 Star Plumbing one day and got a return call the same day, saying they would be there the next day. We got several updates that next day on when they could arrive. Upon arrival, a price quote was given after looking at the problem. We agreed, the problem was resolved with very friendly service. I would highly recommend them to anyone. We had been trying to get someone out for a stopped up sink for ALMOST 2 MONTHS that we could not fix, and it is very hard to get someone out for a small job. People would say they were coming and then not show up. WE APPRECIATE THIS COMPANY’S PROFESSIONALISM AND WOULD DEFINITELY USE THEM AGAIN.”
– Susan Arton – Alexander